Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Preparations, Formulations

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Health Products, Nutritions

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Chinese Herbs, Herbal products,Herbal Extracts

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Medical Device, Hospital equipment,Surgical Dressing

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Medical Devices and Appliances

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Our starring medical devices for exports include disposable syringes, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, sutures, electronic blood pressure monitor, X-ray films, hospital furniture, dialysis membrane & tube, pain relief pads for sport injury control, etc.

Surgical Dressings

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Snowflake, blue & white design, an extensively popular brand for Surgical Dressing since 1970s, stands for a commitment on quality and good service for every shipment deliver to our customer worldwide. For traditional product, we have cotton wool, bandages, gauze, gauze sponges, swabs, etc. For innovative product, we also involve in non-woven products and other surgical dressings with innovative material.

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