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Health Products, Nutritions

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Chinese Herbs, Herbal products,Herbal Extracts

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Medical Device, Hospital equipment,Surgical Dressing

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Chinese Herbs & Products

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Double Deer Chrysanthemum Flors always hits the company championship for Chinese herbs in annual sales volume. As we have bonded for decades with number of qualified farms in main cultivating zone, the supply and quality are stable and guaranteed.

Licorice is a listed rare species in China, Licorice products including herbs, powders, extracts are strictly controlled by authoritative export quota through nationwide tenders. Since year 2016, our company has been eligible in the tender. By the experience in past tenders, regularly we acquired quotas for Licorice herbs in 30 metric tons and extracts in 15 metrics. We hope our customers who are in the business or have interesting on that could expand your business by taking full advantages of such a good condition. We are on ready for your inquiries.

Plant Extracts

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Herbal Extract or Plant Extract came to be a hot topic over the market. In fact, there are several company business sections involved in the business. They are pharmaceutical ingredients business, herbal product business, health product business. Each of them aims at different target market related to the professions of their own. Products includes, for instance,Hesperidin, Licorice Acid,etc.

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